Monday, August 10, 2009

Feeling Compelled

Have you ever thought about where your life is leading? Okay, well I'm sure the answer to that is quite simply "Yes, Organic, Jill. Duh", or something to that affect.

But I mean have you ever really thought about it? Each step. Each experience has made you the person you are today. This person right now who will someday do something great. Or so we all hope.

I've struggled for the last number of years with who I really am and why I'm really here. I've always felt that I have some sort of purpose, but am still unsure as to what exactly that purpose is. But I know it's big. I know it's important on a global scale.

All these thoughts that swirl around in my head. And yet I'm not quite sure how to set them straight. How to manifest some sort of realization of a true contribution to society. Because that's where I feel I'm headed. And perhaps if you've been following this blog, you can see where I'm currently pointing.

So, if you feel like saying a little prayer for me, that would be much appreciated. I'm starting to get antsy again, as I usually do about this point. But I think it's about time I get up off my butt and really do something about it. And perhaps I'll take my little Explorer along for a ride too. Hmmm...somethings to think about.

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