Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Soundtrack of My Life

I'm sitting at my desk listening to classic tracks I listened to when I first met my now husband. The songs take me back down a winding tunnel of time; back to the time when I was first discovering love and what it meant to truly care for someone.

It's funny the way that music can affect our lives. It transcends through time to weave a sort of soundtrack of our lives. And the soundtrack evolves as we do and as we encounter different experiences. What does your soundtrack look like?

Mine starts with the Fred Penner classics like The Cat Came Back and the Sunday School rhythms I danced to as a child. Which crept to the upbeat "before I knew better" beats from the classic staples of Dance Mix '93, UB40 (C'est La Vie, anyone?) and The Bodyguard soundtrack. In my tween years TLC's CrazySexyCool and the dreaded Ace of Base made an impactful showing.

Like many people Junior High and high school was where music really began to become ingrained as a part of my personal being. How many times did I lock myself in my room in classic angsty teen girl style, pumping my life-altering selection of the moment? Bands like Bush, Foo Fighters, old school Green Day and Lit. Everclear's So Much for the Afterglow, brings back particularly fond memories of Friday nights with my girlfriends. And do I need to mention my overly obsessed extensive time period when I seriously thought I was going to marry Daniel Johns? Maker of music which rocked my inner soul. I remember the very first time I heard his voice singing Suicidal Dream. That's all it took. I was in "love". And the one-sided affair continued all the way from Frogstomp to Diarama.

In high school I discovered bands like NOFX and Millencollin. And when I met Duane, who was dramatically against any band you've ever heard on mainstream radio, I fell in love with Operation Ivy, and local bands Choke and Belvedere. And then of course there was Woody. Whose front man would go on to change my life forever more.

We've been together now for 10 years today. When we met we were kids. Questioning whether love was, in fact, real. And during those ten years we've really grown. We graduated high school together. Moved into our own place(s). Went to college. Got jobs. Got married. Changed careers. Bought a house. And together we started a family. Life has been great. And life has been hard. And there were times we both questioned our relationship. But through everything we stuck together. And we loved each other. And to quote a terribly popular and for lack of a better word "lame" song, it's now truly, madly, deeply.

And through our lives together we always find time to dance. And while today my musical taste has mellowed out to enjoy the classic likes of Bob Marley, The Beatles and Ben Harper, hearing Gob's Lobster Boy will always take me back to the time I was falling in love.